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Vintage Going Racing Crewneck

Vintage Going Racing Crewneck

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Picture it: It's Sunday and you're sitting on the couch (or if you live in the U.S. like I do, you're still laying in bed because it is in fact the crack of dawn) and the race is getting ready to start. You woke up 5 minutes ago, you have a coffee in one hand and a mimosa in the other. You hear the Pavlovian effect inducing sound of the Formula 1 theme song, George Russell is in his infamous pose looking right at you, staring into your soul as you listen to Crofty's dulcet voice talk you through the turns on this grand prix circuit. You've got your Race Day Athletic sweatshirt on and you're sitting cozy under a blanket as you hear those 7 magic words: "It's lights out and away we go." Life is good.

This retro racing-inspired crewneck combines the best elements of vintage race paraphernalia with subtle, classic design, perfect to complete any race day fit so you and your pit crew can sit back, enjoy the race, and watch Ferrari break your heart again. 

Runs true to size, size up for more oversized fit. 


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