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The Prince of Monaco - Charles Leclerc Crewneck

The Prince of Monaco - Charles Leclerc Crewneck

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If you dream of laying on a yacht in Monaco, sunbathing and sipping on an Aperol Spritz while fast cars zip by – well that will probably never happen, but this crewneck might just be the next best thing.

An ode to stunning, opulent Monaco and it's equally unattainable crown prince Charles Leclerc, we celebrate his long awaited victory at home with this butter soft crewneck featuring what we think should be the official Leclerc Family crest. We can't wait to see Arthur, Leo, and Oscar sporting it in the near future. 

Though there have been many ups and even more downs, our boy Charles has kept a brave face and extremely extended contract through it all, so we're so glad he finally got a well deserved win at home. Can't wait to see what's in store for him next. <3 Forza Ferrari Sempre <3

Unisex Comfort Colors crewneck. 100% cotton, lightweight, with a relaxed/slightly oversized fit. 

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