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RedBull Crimson - Checkered Flag Phone Case

RedBull Crimson - Checkered Flag Phone Case

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Everybody loves a villain, and RedBull wears the proverbial shoe well. 

Love 'em or hate 'em they dominate every time. While the soul crushing certainty that none of our other favorites drivers and teams even have a chance haunts us when we go to sleep at night, we're mature enough to acknowledge that they're #1 for a reason. I mean Max didn't chose his driver reason accidentally. 

Sure, is it a little less thrilling to tune in every Grand Prix Sunday knowing that Max will take the lead in the first 2 laps and stay a solid 20-30 seconds ahead of everyone else the whole time? Yes. But we'll still get up every race day with the hopes that it might be the day someone finally challenges him. In the meantime we're happy to rep RB with this case.

Glossy finish. Interior rubber liner for extra protection. Supports wireless charging

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