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Mercedes Teal - Checkered Flag Phone Case

Mercedes Teal - Checkered Flag Phone Case

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Ah, remember the days when we used to complain that it was no fun that Lewis and Mercedes won all the time? If only we knew the Max/RedBull domination was coming, we might have appreciated it more while it lasted. 

In hindsight how could we do better than the combo than Lewis, George, and Toto?? You add Mick to the equation and boom, you get the ultimate boy band. They're cheeky, fast, and sometimes a little bit naughty but we love them to death for it. No matter how good Max is, we all know Lewis is the GOAT and we can't wait to see him back in his rightful place on top soon. Until then, we'll show off this case to the rest of the world so they know where we stand. 

Glossy finish. Interior rubber liner for extra protection. Supports wireless charging

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