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Max The Flying Dutchman Verstappen T-Shirt

Max The Flying Dutchman Verstappen T-Shirt

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Love him, hate him, wish you could be him – whatever you think of Max Verstappen, he's the best Formual 1 has seen in a long time. 

We won't lie, we're a little tired of hearing the Dutch National Anthem every weekend, but Max is so good he's already sealed the deal on being included in the F1 Hall of Legends, and he's only 25 years old. We'd bet that makes Christian Horner feel like a proud, weird, non-biological dad, and turns Helmut Marko into Scrooge McDuck in that scene when his eyes turn into dollar signs and jumps into a pool of money (you know the one.) 

Don't get us wrong, we still think Lewis Hamilton is the G.O.A.T, but Max is primed to fill his spot whenever he decides to retire. In the meantime grab a tee and wait to see who will guest star on the next episode of The Max Verstappen Podcast. 


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