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I Support Women's Wrongs - F1 Academy Crop Top

I Support Women's Wrongs - F1 Academy Crop Top

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We are obviously all for women's rights, but we are also very much for women's wrongs. 

As a woman-owned business, we know all too well the drama and misogyny that can run rampant in the F1 community and while we're encouraged by the changes that have already started to emerge in a effort to make Formula 1 more inclusive, we know there's still a long way to go and we plan to have a little fun with it along the way.

Maybe our most unhinged design to date, we introduce this crop top as a tribute to the badass ladies of the F1 Academy. For legal purposes this shirt is a joke, and like Taylor Swift we will continue to deny any accusations of vehicular manslaughter. 

We're so excited for all the women racing this year and representing all 10 F1 teams from the grid in this series. Like the F1 Academy's fearless leader Susie Wolff said, we too "don't believe that to be successful you need to be an asshole" but we also think that sometimes what goes around comes around. 

Champion Brand. 100% cotton jersey. Cropped fit. "C" logo on left sleeve. Fits true to size. 

Length, in 18.50 19.25 20.00 20.75 21.50 22.25
Width, in 19.00 20.00 21.00 22.50 24.25 25.12

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