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Eat Pasta, Drive Fasta - Italian GP Mug

Eat Pasta, Drive Fasta - Italian GP Mug

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Ahh, The Italian Grand Prix – home of unforgettable Formula 1 cornerstones like The Monza Curse, The Tifosi, and Crofty's iconic commentary "He won in Spa, he wins in Monza!"

53 laps, 11 turns, 1 curse. One of the four remaining original tracks on the Formula 1 calendar. There's almost no race as iconic as Monza. And what goes great with winning? A steaming plate of spaghetti. 

Like any good athlete we're going to do all the necessary prep for a race day – stay hydrated, keep an eye on the weather, and do a ton of carbo-loading. We suggest you do the same, and now you can with a side of espresso or a nice house red in our Eat Pasta, Drive Fasta mug. 

11 oz. white ceramic mug.

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