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Austin Motor Club - U.S. Grand Prix T-Shirt

Austin Motor Club - U.S. Grand Prix T-Shirt

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Hold on to your hats and get ready to giddy up because we're back in Texas where everything's bigger, better, and faster than ever.

56 laps. 20 turns. The unofficial home race of Austin's biggest fan Danny Ric, the United States Grand Prix holds a special place in the hearts of fans everywhere, but especially of us American fans. One of the few races on the calendar where we don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn, that we can actually imagine being able to attend one day (fingers crossed) and where we get to see our favorite drivers done their cowboy hats and a pair of ass-less chaps – we wish – and get ready to go racing in the heart of Texas.

This isn't their first rodeo but it's surely their funnest, so we're celebrating in the most appropriate way we can think of – with our rodeo inspired Austin Motor Club tee. In this town, the livin is slow but the cars are fast so grab one while you still can. 

Unisex Comfort Colors t-shirt. 100% Cotton. Size up for a more oversized look.

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