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Attack of the Fangirl Crewneck

Attack of the Fangirl Crewneck

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Oh to have your every hobby, interest, and passion scrutinized and ridiculed by men – how we love to be a woman. 

For every woman who's been told by a man that they only like Formula 1 because of the "hot drivers",  who's been accused of just being a Drive To Survive fan, who's been quizzed on every driver's name, stat, and record, or asked "dO YOu EvEN kNOw wHaT DrS iS?" – this one's for you. 

We want to celebrate our love of Formual 1 and honor the amazing community of Fangirls that drivers, commentators, creators, and most importantly fans have been able to cultivate within this very male dominated sport.

"Fangirl" is not a dirty word, and we're repping it proudly.


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