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Alfa Romeo Red - Checkered Flag Phone Case

Alfa Romeo Red - Checkered Flag Phone Case

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Alfa Romero – sorry ROMEO – might be the ultimate Italian Formula 1 team. 

Ok, ok, calm down. We know what you're going to say: "Ferrari is basically a symbol of Italian driving culture how could you possibly think Alfa Romeo is more Italian than them!" Well look you're right, but you show me two drivers who couldn't be less Italian that act more Italian!

Fiery, passionate, loves a good bike ride and the simpler things in life – tell me that's not Valteri and Zhou to a T. They've embraced the Italian lifestyle and brought their own pizzazz to the track while doing it. There's nothing we love more than watching these boys go around in circles in that Black and Red livery, so we'll be repping them with this case and sticking to our story. 

Glossy finish. Interior rubber liner for extra protection. Supports wireless charging

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